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Terms & Conditions

  1. Wizz Kidz rules of play apply at all times during the party in the usual way. (The Height Restriction is 4’ 9” in The Play Area)
  2. Parental supervision is required during the party, minimum of 1 adult to 6 children.
  3. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total of the party cost is required to confirm a booking.
  4. Payment of the balance will be made on the day of the party, and confirmation of the number of guests must be made 2 days prior to the party date otherwise Wizz Kidz will presume that the party is no longer required.
  5. The deposit and balance is non refundable.  We will endeavour to reschedule you party for an alternative date if this is necessary due to exceptional unforeseen circumstances.
  6. Only one child will be admitted per invitation.  Uninvited siblings who arrive will be charged the normal admission fee and not expected to join the party for food.  If they would like to join the party for food then the normal party price will apply.
  7. All parties are subject to a minimum of 10 children, if on the day of the party the actual number of party children is under 10, unfortunately you will still be charged for 10.
  8. All children must wear socks.
  9. All children remain the responsibility of the parent/carer at all times.
  10. Please ensure that you have the contact details for parents/carers of children under your supervision in the event of an emergency.
  11. Wizz Kidz may cater for children with allergies under the guidance of parents/carers, however accepts no responsibility for any allergic reaction that may occur as a result.
  12. Party parents/carers please arrive 10 mins before the start of your party and ask your guests to arrive at the party on time.
  13. We recommend that you bring a large bag to store your child’s birthday presents in.
  14. Please bring along napkins if you would like us to cut and wrap your birthday cake.  Please also ensure that you bring along a cake that which will adequately cater for the number of children at your party.
  15. If you have extra items to add to your pre-ordered party bags please ask for your party bags 15 minutes prior to the end of the party to allow yourself time to do this.
  16. When your party is finished please will you return to reception promptly to sign out to allow the next party to begin promptly.
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